CHEAD operates a network for staff from our member galleries. The network provides a forum for exchange for key staff and seeks to support greater exposure to the galleries and their exhibitions.

Specifically, the network examines ‘the gallery’ within a higher education institution and its relationship to the learning, teaching and research associated with creative art, design and media curricula. It debates what ‘the gallery’ means within the context of new media and its potential to support innovative approaches to art, design and media pedagogy with opportunities for haptic and creative learning interactions.

HE Galleries are very underrated and not recognised for their significance. Indeed, the gallery space offers a focus for virtual as well as material interactions and may provide an extended network of collaborators. The gallery is a physical space, a place of exhibition and congregation, and a conceptual space that can sustain a wider sharing of ideas through discourse and critical exchanges: a space of bringing in and sending out.

Viewers will shortly be able to find out more about the galleries within our network, while network members will be able to access useful resources and materials.