CHEAD is currently registering as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. CHEAD’s primary aim is to contribute to the development of the A&D community, its standing and stature as well as its engagement with the outside world.

CHEAD’s work is supported by our governance structure and by the commitment of the individuals who lead our strategic priorities. To offer as much transparency as possible we publish all governing documents, annual reports and strategic plans.

The CHEAD Executive committee

Our Executive Committee consists of 3 elected officers, the Executive Secretary, 6 elected members and up to 4 co-opted members. In addition, the Chair of the Group for Learning in Art & Design is an ex officio member of the CHEAD Executive Committee.

We seek to ensure that the Committee is representative of the diversity of our CHEAD membership, the four nations, and the breadth of our strategic objectives.

For 2015 / 16 the Executive Committee is as follows:


Professor Anita Taylor
Dean, Bath School of Art & Design

Vice Chair

Judy Glasman
Head of School of Creative Arts, University of Hertfordshire


Professor Kerstin Mey
Dean, Faculty of Media, Arts and Design, University of Westminster


Dr Jill Fernie-Clarke
Vice Principal (Academic), Cleveland College of Art & Design

Dr Tim Coole
Head of Departmental Design and Craft, Bucks New University.

Professor Karen Fleming
Director of the Art and Design Research Institute
Belfast School of Art, University of Ulster

Dean Hughes
Head of the School of Art, University of Edinburgh

David McGravie
Head of Art and Design, University of Derby

Professor Simon Robertshaw
Dean of School. Dean of the School of Arts & Digital Industries, University of East London.


Dr Virginia Button
Director, The Falmouth School of Art

Huw Swayne
Head of Learning, Teaching and Student Experience, University of South Wales

Ex-officio – Chair of GLAD
Professor Sally Wade
Director of Sheffield Institute of Arts, Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences Sheffield Hallam University

Election of officers

The Executive Committee ensures that CHEAD operates in accordance with the objects enshrined in its constitution.

Members of the Executive Committee, including the officers of Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer, are elected by the registered representatives of CHEAD member institutions.

Six elected members and up to four co-opted members. The terms of appointment for officers and members of the Executive Committee is normally for three years.

In order to ensure continuity, it is the aim to arrange elections and terms of office of the elected officers in each year, so that only one elected officer shall stand for election. Retiring members of the Executive Committee are eligible for re-election but should not normally serve for more than two terms of appointment consecutively.

Elections are held following the CHEAD Business meeting in Spring each year. A call for nominations is issued in April and candidates are introduced at the CHEAD Membership & Networking meeting in May.

For more details about the election process, or to submit a nomination, please click on the link below.

Election nomination submission

Administering CHEAD

CHEAD is in the process of registering as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. It will be registered with the Charity Commission.

CHEAD operates in accordance with the objects enshrined in its Constitution, which is compliant with the legal framework of CIOs as set out in the Charity Act 2011 (and in further regulations).

Any changes to the Constitution are put before the membership for approval. The Executive Committee is charged with the strategic and operational management of the association on behalf of the membership.

Members of the Executive Committee give their time to CHEAD free of charge and remuneration and meet six times yearly. CHEAD further employs a full time Executive Secretary and a part-time finance assistant.

CHEAD’s latest Annual Report and accounts can be accessed through the links.

CHEAD Constitution

CHEAD is in the process of registering as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Our new Constitution will be published shortly.